Space Planning

Plan your perfectly optimised office space.

Office space planning

Our space planning service will help you to decide which design works best for you and the various departments involved. Most importantly, we’ll help you to optimise the space you have and ensure the furniture fits! We can create your ideal visual appearance whilst keeping a close eye on practical requirements. 

Don’t compromise on efficiency

Office space planning is the optimisation of your workspace and will maximise the available space to meet user needs. During the process it’s important for your business to analyse how your employees use the environment, as well as how the furniture and technology physically fit into the space.

Beginning the space planning process couldn’t be simpler. Just get in touch and we’ll do all the hard work for you.

We’ll come to your office and measure up, accurately pinpointing the overall internal size of all walls and positions of doors. Then we produce a detailed drawing and make recommendations that will set you on your way to achieving your perfect office.

Our space planning service

Brief – analyse what you want to achieve, how your staff use the space, and what physical requirements must be included

Concept – after we’ve discussed your brief, visited your premises and measured up we’ll produce a first concept 

Space Plans – at this stage we’ll produce detailed drawings, that show the location of the items needed and how the space can be optimised 

Furniture Selectionchoose your style of furniture with help from our team

CAD Furniture Layouts – see how your chosen furniture could look in situ

3D Visuals – understand and visualise the space in 3D 

Our office space planning service will help you make use of every part of your work area, giving you a workspace that can help streamline the way you do business. It’s all about efficient use of space, clever design and smart thinking.

Why is office space planning so important?

Ensuring that your space is planned correctly will make all the difference to the success of your project. It will also help to ensure that you get the most return from your investment – not only will your space look better, but it will work better too.  

The process helps you to make strategic design decisions to accommodate your employees’ needs, from layout and lighting to seating and meeting rooms. This means:

Less wasted office space

A more pleasant and flexible work environment

Increased collaboration

Energy efficiency

A creative and productive on-site culture

In an increasingly flexible working world, your workplace office is competing with home offices, co-working spaces, and even coffee shops. Effective space planning is a win-win for employees and workplace managers [and your company’s bottom line!]. 

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Optimise your workspace

Ensuring that your space is planned correctly will make all the difference to the success of your project – and can help streamline the way you do business.

Our services

Office Space Planning

Maximise space, functionality and practicality with a design that works for your business. 

Furniture Selection

With overwhelming choice, we’ll help you to select furniture for your taste and budget.

Furniture Installation

Our team is fully trained in the careful handling and professional fitting of all products. 

Refurbishment Services

Perfect if you are looking to upgrade your existing space, with a fresher more modern look. 

Relocation Management

If you are moving or reorganising, we offer a comprehensive solution for your move.

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