Office Relocation

Your comprehensive move management and relocation service.  

Office relocation

Few businesses like the idea of shutting down completely while their business relocates! So, as well as offering relocations during normal office hours, we also offer moves in the evening, overnight and even over the weekend. With our service, you’ll be back up and running for first thing Monday morning without losing time or money.

Complete move management

Moving to a new office should be an exciting move for any company, yet it can be stressful and overwhelming for those co-ordinating the project – especially if it’s on top of your normal daily workload. It doesn’t need to be that way!

If you are looking to move or reorganise, Total Office Interiors offers a comprehensive move management and relocation service. From logistics consultation and project management to crate hire, dismantling of furniture, transport, packing and IT relocation, our service is highly competitive.

Our office relocation service 

We’ll carry out your office reorganisation or relocation seamlessly and fuss-free by addressing the following areas, so that you can get on with running your business.

Our end-to-end service includes:

Creating project plans

Managing risk

Making contingency plans

Keeping all staff updated

Organising your IT, furniture and file audits

Liaising with other key suppliers involved in the project delivery

Office relocations used to be all about bigger and better spaces. Now, the trend is for businesses to move to offices that support more flexible working methods. A move to the right location can bring many benefits, including helping you to attract and retain the best talent, facilitate new ways of working and provide an environment that’s worth the commute.

While move projects can be stressful, if you carefully consider your office space requirements and plan the move properly, the benefits are well worth it. That’s where working with specialists like us can really help. Talk to our team to find out how. 

5 essential tips for a smooth relocation

Commercial relocations need detailed planning and preparation. Here are our 5 essential tips for ensuring a smooth office relocation.

Have a relocation budget. It helps to have a specific budget code assigned to the relocation process and will make it easier for you to assign a budget – and stick to it. 

Appoint a Project Manager. Successful office moves are a team effort, but appointing one employee as the main point of contact will streamline the process.

Engage your employees. This is one of the important office relocation tips. Be sure to keep your staff updated with clear moving plans and time schedules.

Ensure data security. It’s critical to back up your data and protect files and hardware during the relocation process. You don’t want to lose any important documents!

Have an office sort out. Just like home moves, you don’t want to move old items you don’t need. Have a deep clean and shred unnecessary papers, dispose of old files and furniture, and sell or donate equipment you no longer need.

Follow these tips to start your smooth move plan, from budgeting to communication and thorough planning. To make it even easier, let us plan and manage a stress-free move for your business. 

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Maximise space, functionality and practicality with a design that works for your business. 

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With overwhelming choice, we’ll help you to select furniture for your taste and budget.

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If you are moving or reorganising, we offer a comprehensive solution for your move.

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