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Office accessories

The finishing touches will elevate your new office space. Whether it’s a sleek monitor arm or a stylish cable management solution, these small additions contribute to the smart and professional finish you had in mind when planning your office space. They not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure a tidy and organised environment.

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Our range of premium accessories includes monitor arms, power management solutions, CPU holders, vertical cable spines, and sit/stand mats to enhance your office setup.

Monitor arms

Let’s start with monitor arms. Our ergonomic monitor arms provide flexibility and adjustability, allowing you to position your screens at the optimal eye level, reducing neck and eye strain. By freeing up valuable desk space, they create a clean and clutter-free environment, promoting a sense of calm and focus.

Power management

Managing power cords and cables can be a hassle, but our power management solutions are here to simplify your workspace. With built-in surge protection and cable organisation features, they keep your office safe, while also providing easy access to power outlets.

In addition, our CPU holders and vertical cable spines keep your computer towers and cables neatly organised, maximising desk space and minimising trip hazards.

Sit/stand mats

Lastly, don’t forget accessories that assist employee well-being. Our comfortable and supportive sit/stand mats encourage movement and help reduce fatigue associated with prolonged sitting. By allowing individuals to alternate between sitting and standing, these mats promote a healthier workstyle and increased energy levels throughout the day.

Office furniture accessories

Elevate your workspace with our premium office furniture accessories. Our range includes:

Monitor arms

Power management

CPU holders

Vertical cable spines

Sit/stand mats

Use your space effectively

Whether you need hot desking, collaborative working, private offices or a mix, optimise your workspace with our space planning service.

Our Office Furniture Range

From product selection to delivery and installation, we’ll work with you to design an inspiring and practical workspace. Click below to view some of our popular office furniture ranges.

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